How to Decorate in a Modern Farmhouse Style

by Wool Art on June 18, 2020

farmhouse chunky knit blanket beige

Why everyone loves farmhouse so much? Because it creates a feeling of simplicity and coziness while bringing us back to times when we used to have or visit a family farmhouse. People choose to make a home in this style to always have this homey, uncluttered, and timeless feeling. Perhaps this style reminds of simpler times before the internet became such a big part of our lives.

While some assume farmhouse style is outdated, we’re going to prove this country living inspired style is still in fashion. Read about tips and ideas on how to decorate your home in a modern farmhouse style by achieving the perfect balance between nostalgic comfort and modern feel.

Natural color palette

light living room

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modern farmhouse kitchen

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In a modern farmhouse style, the main colors to use are a combination of white, wood, earthy colors (beige, grey, cream, etc.) and black which adds a modern flair. To pull off the style, the painting color palette should be full of cool and warm neutrals that work well with a variety of textures. It’s all about making the contrast of lighter and darker elements to create visual depth. What it means is that you should mix the crisp colors with neutral tones and find the perfect balance.

Cozy elements

chunky knit blanket on ruffle bedding

Cozy elements are an important part of any home, especially if it’s decorated in a modern farmhouse style. If it’s a living room, think about creating a cozy corner for reading – add your favorite books, candle holders, some flowers, a lap blanket, and some cozy throw pillows. If it’s the bedroom, create a hygge feel with a large and cozy chunky knit blanket. The throw will make the look extra chic and farmhouse style. As the bed is the central piece of the bedroom, then you should consider investing in beautiful bedding. A good choice for the farmhouse style is linen ruffle bedding or waffle bedding.

Don’t be afraid to mix different textiles of cozy elements. Include textiles that remind you of the houses of our ancestors – wool blankets, cotton tablecloths, multicolored rugs, etc.

Mix and Match

antique furniture modern farmhouse

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Modern farmhouse style is about achieving the sweet spot between antique and modern. Mix and match elements of rustic pieces with modern contemporary. Look for antique pieces with a story like bookshelves, dressers, doors, and vintage accessories. One of the farmhouse trends is a woven basket, which you can use as birch log holder or a plant pot. Combine the rustic elements with modern and clean-lined pieces like a contemporary round mirror, a sofa, or a stylish stand lamp. Don’t forget about white wood paneling, warm wood furniture, a beautiful farm table, black details, neat lines, and beautiful indoor plants.

Industrial elements

modern farmhouse industrial bed

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If you want to achieve a real farmhouse look – remember to include industrial elements. What comes to your mind when imagining a barn or a factory? Include things like brick walls, metal lights, chalkboard, or even industrial bed frame. Try to use organic materials like stone, wood, rattan, and others.

Accessories are essential when decorating yet it’s easy to overdo with too many. Stick to a few well planned industrial elements.

A modern twist of rustic furniture

farmhouse black sliding door

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When talking about a modern twist of old furniture – imagine taking rustic furniture and simply making it more modern by painting, polishing, or modifying. Some great examples are a rustic stand lamp painted in crisp black color, an old dresser polished and painted in white with black handles, an old barn bathtub modified into a modern one, or colored black barn sliding doors. This way you’ll not only have a modern twist but have some very unique furniture around the house.

The key element to achieve a modern farmhouse look is comfort. The place should be inviting and homey. Nothing should be too delicate to touch.

I hope this proved that you can still pull off modern farmhouse style and you’re inspired to bring some of these hygge elements into your home.

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