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Here you can find all our chunky knit products. We offer a wide range of chunky knit blankets and knitted bed runners. Find the best size couch throw blanket, Queen blanket or extra-large King size blanket. Here you can shop for beautiful bed runners for your single bed or double bed.

We also offer different types of knitted throw pillows and crocheted pillows in various colors - gray, white, mint, beige, lavender, mustard yellow, graphite gray, sky blue and many more.
In our chunky knits collection, you will also find the knitted round rugs. The wool rugs are especially loved by those who want to have a noticeable and stylish decor in their homes. Use these accent rugs for decorating your living room or bedroom and enjoy stepping on them as they are heavenly soft and warm.

If you're always cold in winters, then check out our chunky knit scarves collection. We offer you a wide range of knitted scarves. Wool scarves from merino wool will keep you warm even in the coldest weather. Choose the oversized scarf and match one of the beautiful colors with your outfit. If you want a quick-use scarf, then our merino wool infinity scarves are the right choice. Just pull the circle scarf over your head and you're ready to go. For all those, who love noticeable accessories, we have created amazing oversized headband and the small boho headband. Check all these wonderful products in our scarves section.

Of course, we have also thought about the kids. We offer many types of kids blankets. Smaller size crib blankets will be perfect for babies. Use them in the crib or the stroller when having the walks with your baby in colder weather. Square shape kids wool blanket will be perfect for using on the floor and playing on it. You'll see how your kid wants to hang around on it all day. The large kid's blankets are for all those kids who enjoy lots of coziness. They'll be happy to wrap in those thick blankets. Our warm kid's blankets, like all of our products, are knitted from the softest and organically certified merino wool. They are suitable even for the most sensitive kids and babies.

We have also thought about the littlest friends - the dearest and beloved pets. In our chunky knit collection you will find a pet rug, pet blanket, pet cushion or pet bed for your cat or dog. All the pets love snuggling in the soft and gentle merino wool. All our pet beds are natural and made from the same high-quality merino wool which we use for all our products because not only humans appreciate the quality. You'll see how your pet just tucks in the big and soft chunky knit stitches and enjoys the sweet nap.

Whether you choose the chunky knit blanket, chunky knit rug or any other chunky knit product, we are sure that you'll appreciate the high quality of the extra-fine merino wool.
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