Sale (5)

Large round rug d=52” (130 cm)

$ 344.79 USD$ 459.73 USD

Medium round rug d=40” (100 cm)

$ 238.35 USD$ 317.79 USD

Tube yarn rug, medium 24”x32” (60x80 cm)

$ 99.79 USD$ 124.74 USD

Tube yarn rug, small 20”x27” (50x70 cm)

$ 71.64 USD$ 89.55 USD

Small round rug d=32” (80 cm)

$ 153.55 USD$ 204.74 USD

Here you can find our chunky blanket sale items. Occasionally we offer great discounts for our King blankets, Queen blankets, bed runners and knitted throws.

Instead of buying a cheap chunky knit blanket, we offer you to purchase a high-quality blanket for a generous price. Follow up this section from time to time and maybe on a certain day, you'll find your wool blanket on sale which you have always wanted.

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In this section, you can also have a chance to purchase chunky knit rugs, when we have our wool rugs sale because we sometimes make special offers for them as well.