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    Tube yarn blanket, large throw blanket 50”x70” (130x170 cm)

    $ 422.51 USD
    All tube yarn products are pre-order only. Expected delivery - after New Year.

    This tube yarn blanket from filled cotton yarn is beautiful and practical. The chunky knit blanket is perfect for decorating your bedroom, living room, or kids room. The largest sizes of the blanket can even be used as large rugs on the floor, where all family can hang around. The blanket's texture is soft and puffy. It'll isolate you from the cold floor, so you can either play with your kids or read a book. Wrap in a blanket on a chilly evening and enjoy your favorite movie with a big cup of hot chocolate in your hands.

    The giant blanket is also an amazing gift for your friends and family. Don't wait for a special occasion to surprise your loved ones - your family will be happy about the blanket on any day or any time of the year.

    The blanket is handmade from soft and bulky tube yarn. It's beautiful and practical decor for your home that will last.

    The blanket is created from multiple long threads, so it'll have stitched threads on the other side.

    This chunky blanket is thick and heavy, so it can be used also as a weighted blanket.

    Here's an example on how much the blankets weight:
    • Lap blanket 24 x 47 inches ( 40 x 120 cm) - 4.3 lb (1.95 kg)
    • Medium throw blanket 40 x 60 inches (100 x 150 cm) - 8.8 lb (4 kg)
    • Blanket 51 x 67 inches (130 x 170 cm) - 13 lb (6 kg)
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    Outside of the tube yarn is created from cotton. Inside is filled with polyamide.
    Diameter of the thread is around 1 inch (2.5 cm).
    Machine wash at 86°F (30°C). Do not tumble dry. Do not bleach. Iron at a low temperature if needed.
    Your order will be ready in 1-3 business days.
    After your order is ready, it will be delivered in 1-3 business days worldwide.
    FedEx express courier will deliver your package at your doorstep.
    To reduce the CO2 emissions footprint that is caused by using unnecessary and too large packaging, you'll receive your product packed compactly. Be careful when opening the packaging and don't use sharp items to open it. Shake your product well after taking it out of the package, so it obtains its shape and fluffiness.
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