Chunky cotton tube yarn and its products - why are they so great?

by Wool Art on March 22, 2021

If you have tried merino wool chunky knit yarn already, then it's time to introduce the new option for chunky yarn - cotton tube yarn. Both yarns have their advantages. You can read about the merino wool benefits here. In this article, however, we'll tell you more about the cotton tube yarn advantages.

Cotton tube yarn was first introduced as an option for those, who love chunky knits, however, prefer non-animal products. It's a perfect option for vegans. Later this yarn was highly appreciated among people with small kids, pets, sensitive skin, and those, who prefer products that are easy to take care of.

Composition of the tube yarn

The cotton tube yarn has a very simple composition. The outside part of the yarn is cotton, and the inside part is filled with polyester. The cotton is strong, durable, and gentle. The polyester is puffy, retains its structure, and provides chunkiness. These two materials combined is a perfect combination that provides comfort and looks.

How it's made?

The cotton tube yarn is created from a woven cotton fabric outside part. The outside part of the yarn is completely weaved all around the thread, which means that there are no seams along the thread. This provides a smooth and neat look for the thread in all its length. Inside of the thread is filled with special long polyester fibers. The long polyester fibers ensure that the thread is even and doesn't have any clumps along the thread.

The benefits of the cotton tube yarn

The cotton tube yarn and products created from it have many benefits.

  • As mentioned before, there's finally a high-quality chunky yarn option for vegans. Before the cotton tube yarn was introduced, there were very few options, like acrylic fibers or polyester fibers, however, the composition of 100% synthetic fibers, didn't provide strength and structure for the thread.
  • The thread itself, and so the products created from the cotton tube yarn, look very neat and high-end. Cotton is a natural material, and natural materials are highly-valued. They always look more beautiful than synthetics.
  • The cotton tube yarn is durable. The thread is strong, so the products are great for pets, kids, and for more heavy daily use. The polyester filling keeps its shape, and will not get flat or uneven. It'll look the same for a long, long time.
  • It's very easy to take care of the cotton tube yarn products. They are machine washable. So it means, whenever, you need to clean your product - just put it in the washing machine on a medium care program.
  • The products are warm. Yes, they're not as warm as natural merino wool products, however, the thick tube yarn still gives lots of warmth. You can use the products on the floor - they'll isolate the cold floor, so you feel comfortable while hanging around with your loved ones or pet.
  • Cotton tube yarn is hypoallergenic. Cotton and polyester are materials that are safe for people with sensitive skin and allergies.
  • The products can be re-made. This might be the best thing about this product for all those who love to create handmade things themselves and keep their creativity busy. As mentioned before, the cotton tube yarn keeps its shape and structure. If you have a tube yarn chunky knit blanket, then you can redo its yarn into a pet bed, pillows, or something else. This is a perfect example of an effective product life-cycle.

How to take care of the cotton tube yarn products

We have already discussed this in the benefits chapter, however, to emphasize the great quality of cotton tube yarn one more time - it can be machine washed. It means that it's very, very easy to keep the product always clean, which is very important if you have pets, kids, or someone with allergies in the family.

While we're huge fans of the chunky merino wool, we think that the cotton tube yarn is also a very great and innovative product to try out. Whether you choose a ready-made product or the DIY cotton tube yarn, we're sure you'll enjoy how beautiful and neat this material is.

If you already have tried the cotton tube yarn or its products, leave a comment for this article with your experience. If you have tried both - merino wool and cotton tube yarn - let us know which one you like best!

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Products mentioned in this article

Cotton tube yarn - light yellow

$ 35.20 USD$ 44.00 USD

Cotton tube yarn - beige

$ 35.20 USD$ 44.00 USD

Cotton tube yarn bulk 13.2 lb (6 kg) - beige

$ 284.80 USD$ 356.00 USD

Cotton tube yarn - graphite gray

$ 35.20 USD$ 44.00 USD

Cotton tube yarn - dusty pink (blush)

$ 35.20 USD$ 44.00 USD

Cotton tube yarn - gray

$ 35.20 USD$ 44.00 USD

Cotton tube yarn color samples

$ 23.20 USD$ 29.00 USD

Cotton tube yarn bulk 13.2 lb (6 kg) - graphite gray

$ 284.80 USD$ 356.00 USD

Cotton tube yarn - cream white

$ 35.20 USD$ 44.00 USD

Cotton tube yarn - sky blue

$ 35.20 USD$ 44.00 USD

Cotton tube yarn bulk 13.2 lb (6 kg) - light yellow

$ 284.80 USD$ 356.00 USD

Cotton tube yarn bulk 13.2 lb (6 kg) - cream white

$ 284.80 USD$ 356.00 USD
by Wool Art on October 24, 2021

The chunky tube yarn itself can be purchased here by smaller amounts:
And here is a listing for a bulk price:

by Wool Art on October 24, 2021

Hello Debbie,
Here are some examples of how much cotton tube yarn is needed for different size blankets:
• Lap blanket 16” x 47” – 4.3 lb (40 × 120 cm – 1.95 kg)
• Standard throw blanket 40” x 60” – 8.8 lb (100 × 150 cm – 4 kg)
• Large throw blanket 51” x 67” – 13 lb (130 × 170 cm – 6 kg)
Let us know if you need help with calculating the needed amount for a different size blanket.

by Debbie on October 24, 2021

How much tube yarn do I need to make a large blanket and do you sell this amount?


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