Why choose merino wool?

by Wool Art on November 01, 2018

merino sheep

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Our chunky knit products are made from the highest quality superfine merino wool. It is known for its softness and warmth, however, there are much more than that. Why choose merino wool and what are the exceptional qualities of it? We will try to answer these questions.

How is merino wool made?

Merino is wool is a natural fiber that comes specifically from merino sheep. Merino sheep breed came originally from Spain. Nowadays Australia produces 80% of the world’s merino wool. New Zealand is also known for its quality merino wool. Merino sheep can be found also in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and South Africa.

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Merino sheep are known by their wrinkled skins and fleeces, and large curly horns. They used to grow in extreme weather conditions – freezing winters and hot summers. Other sheep breeds wouldn’t survive such weather. Therefore, merino sheep have developed a high-quality wool coat to protect them from such an extreme climate. Merino wool has huge amounts of insulation and warmth at low weights.

Once a year merino sheep gets a haircut. It’s needed to stop the wool from growing and prevent sheep from suffering too much heat and other health-related issues. It is important that during the shearing, the sheep are calm and do not resist. However, there is a number of issues with the unethical approach to cutting. We would suggest choosing merino products that are made respecting ethical standards and cut with animal and environmentally friendly approaches. To be sure, it’s better to choose a certified merino wool. All Wool Art products are made from organic certified merino wool.

A quality merino sheep can produce up to 18kg of wool each year. Wool that is famous for its softness, strength, breathability and many more benefits.

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The benefits of merino wool

Merino will keep you exceptionally warm

One of the main reasons why merino wool is so loved is its warmth relative to weight. It’s very lightweight but will keep you warm regardless of the weather. That is because merino wool traps heat very efficiently between the fibers. Air cannot circulate and retain the heat from your body which allows you to keep warm.

However, since merino regulates body temperature really well, it’s just as good for summertime heat as it is for winter.

Merino is comfortable

Merino wool fibers are finer and have smaller scales comparing to other wool. That is why fine merino feels so heavenly soft, silky and smooth. It’s superb to the touch and so lightweight. Unlike other wool, the superfine merino is not itchy at all, even for the most sensitive skin.

Merino is super breathable

Merino wool breathes and manages moisture better than any other fiber. The more breathable a fabric is the better it retains the moisture. Merino is famous for having high levels of moisture absorbance because of its ability to retain a lot of liquid relative to its weight. A Merino fiber can absorb and retain up to 30% of its own weight in moisture and still feel dry to the touch. It means that even if wet, merino maintains its ability to insulate, and will keep you dry, warm and cozy.

Merino is strong

Wool fibers have the ability to be bent, flexed and stretched in any direction about 30,000 times without any damage. It means that merino wool is nine times stronger than cotton, which breaks after 3200 times. Merino wool fibers are made mostly of protein molecules known as keratin, which is the same protein present in our own skin and hair!

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Merino is odor resistant

Unlike synthetic fibers, merino wool naturally resists odor-causing bacteria. Because of merino wool’s ability to effectively manage moisture, odor-causing bacteria don’t have the moist environment they need to survive. That ensures that the wool products remain odor-free. Therefore, no matter how hot it is, with merino, you’ll be fresh all day long.

Merino is easy to take care of

Merino wool is anti-bacterial so it doesn’t require any special care, it cleans itself. You can just hang your merino wool products in an open-air for a short time to freshen them. The naturally protective outer layer of merino wool prevents stains from being absorbed.

While some of the merino products are machine-washable, they are mostly advised to be hand washed or dry cleaned.

As merino wool is heat-resistant, then it’s possible to iron the products at a high temperature if needed.

Quick Drying

Merino wool naturally dries quickly. Merino wool products will be dry long before your other garments are. Dry them flat or place on a hanger and they will be dry into time!

Merino is wrinkle-resistant

The elastic properties of the merino fiber make it extremely wrinkle resistant. You don’t need to worry about ironing because merino products will look great no matter what.

Merino wool is non-allergenic

Merino wool is hypoallergenic fiber. It’s perfect if you have sensitive skin. It’s so soft that it is suitable for those that would normally suffer from allergic reactions. Products, which are made from organic certified merino wool, are the best option for kids, pets and allergic people.

Merino wool is biodegradable

The merino fiber will naturally decompose in soil when it is disposed of. It takes only nine months for merino wool products to biodegrade when buried in the soil. It will give back its nutrients to the earth.

Merino wool is UV resistant

Merino wool naturally protects against the sun’s harmful rays. Unlike synthetics or cotton, merino products will keep you safe from damaging UV radiation from the sun.

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Wool Art chunky knit products are made from superfine merino wool in the highest quality. Because of its superior quality and craftsmanship, each product is very special. Wool Art products are heavenly soft, silky and smooth. They're extra warm and feels fabulous against the skin. Superfine merino wool is also absolutely beautiful as it absorbs every color shade with a rich depth.

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