Blankets (28)

Blanket scarf 16”x47” (40x120 cm)

$ 81.52 USD$ 108.70 USD

Lap blanket 24”x47” (60x120 cm)

$ 105.46 USD$ 140.61 USD

Square blanket 35”x35” (90x90 cm)

$ 121.41 USD$ 161.88 USD

Single bed runner 24”x65” (60x165 cm)

$ 152.12 USD$ 202.83 USD

Tube yarn blanket, Small throw blanket 35”x50” (90x130 cm)

$ 171.74 USD$ 214.67 USD

Small throw blanket 35”x50” (90x130 cm)

$ 176.29 USD$ 235.05 USD

Medium throw blanket 40”x60” (100x150 cm)

$ 208.18 USD$ 297.40 USD

Medium throw blanket 40”x60” (100x150 cm)

$ 208.18 USD$ 297.40 USD
Here you can find the best chunky knit blanket for any occasion. Smaller wool throw blankets are perfect for everyday use whenever it gets a bit chilly. Super chunky extra large blankets are for all those who enjoy lots of coziness. We even have the largest King blankets and Queen blankets. All of these sizes are great to decorate your couch or bed and make your home interior gorgeous.

Our knitted wool blankets are also a great gift for your friends and family. They will be very surprised and happy to receive such a nice, soft and thoughtful gift. Our knitted throws are one of the most original gifts.

All our chunky knit throws and chunky blankets are knitted from organic certified merino wool. It's people and nature-friendly and especially suitable for people who have sensitive skin.

Extra fine merino wool, which we use for all our products is much softer, more gentle and purer compared to standard merino wool. If you want to have a sustainable and high-quality blanket, then Wool Art chunky blanket is the right choice. We promise, that it'll be the softest merino wool blanket that you have ever touched.