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Which size blanket to choose?

We offer chunky knit blankets not only in several colors but also sizes, therefore, it can be quite a challenge to decide on the perfect blanket. So, we decided to guide you through the different sizes of blankets we offer and help you with this decision.

Blanket scarf

A blanket scarf is a must-have item for those enjoying long walks. It’s perfect for putting on shoulders and keeping warm on those late evenings or chilly days. Blanket scarf size is 16x47 inches (40x120 cm). It’s a small yet warm and cozy accessory for every mood and all seasons!

Lap blanket

Lap blanket is one of our smallest blankets and it’s perfect for one person on the sofa or for display over the side of an armchair. Just keep it somewhere in a reach and use it whenever you feel a bit chilly. You'll be surprised how much warmth it can give. For a lap blanket, we offer size 24x47 inches (60x120 cm). It’s a small but cozy accent to your interior.

Baby and kids blanket

Our blankets are perfect for babies because we use merino wool which is organic and anti-allergic. For a baby stroller blanket, we offer size 16x24 inches (40x60 cm), which is a perfect blanket to snuggle under. For bigger kids, we suggest a size 35x35 inches (90x90 cm). This size blanket is a wonderful kid's bedroom decor and perfect for a kid to wrap under it. Chunky knit blankets are super soft and fluffy, and kids love them!

Couch throw

Wrapping up together with your loved ones and watching a movie on a chilly evening – what else could you wish for? If you would like to snuggle up with your loved one or by yourself, we would suggest size 40x60 inches (100x150 cm). For extra coziness and wonderful evenings spent with the whole family, we would suggest size 50x70 inches (130x170 cm). Select your favorite movie, grab a cup of hot chocolate and chunky knit blanket and enjoy a perfect evening!

Bed runner

Bed runner sits at the bottom of a bed and it's the narrowest and longest blanket as it drops over the sides of the bed. The bed runner will be a sophisticated and stylish addition to your bedroom. It adds luxury to any bedroom interior and makes the bedroom much more beautiful. It’s surprising how such a little accent can bring a completely different look to a room. For single and twin-size beds, we offer size 24x65 inches (60x165 cm). For queen and king size beds we offer size 24x96 inches (60x245 cm).

Medium throw blanket

Our medium throw blanket is a nice and warm home decor for your living room or bedroom. Decorate your couch or bed with it and make your home so much more beautiful. Medium throw blanket comes in size 40x60 inches (100x150 cm). It’s a perfect size for single and double beds as well as for cozying up on the sofa.

Large throw blanket

Chunky large blankets are for those who enjoy lots of coziness and snug. A large blanket definitely creates a decorative impact when showcased in a bedroom or living room. It will be a statement piece and make your home interior gorgeous. Large throw blankets come in sizes 50x70 inches (130x170 cm) and 60x80 inches (150x200 cm). These sizes are perfect as a throw for a Queen bed or blanket for a double bed.

King size blanket

King size blanket is our biggest one and it’s so big and chunky that you can almost get lost in it. This blanket's size is 98x90 inches (250x230 cm) and it’s large enough to fit a king bed or even a super king bed. This huge blanket with oversized stitches will give a premium look to your bedroom and make it the coziest place on earth.


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