DIY Chunky Blanket - Step by Step Guide with Video Tutorial

by Wool Art on September 29, 2021

chunky knit yarn unrolled and knitted into a blanket

Here you'll find an easy step by step guide on how to create a DIY chunky knit blanket. This article includes step by step instructions and also a video tutorial. Read through the instructions and then watch the video, or watch the video right away - the video also includes the description of each step.

Chunky knit yarn for you DIY chunky knit project can be purchased here. Start with a smaller amount or purchase chunky knit wool in bulk for a better price.

Let's start knitting!

Video Tutorial


1. Unroll the yarn before knitting. Unrolling the yarn will help you to work with the yarn more easily in the process.

2. Crochet a braid. The braid will be a base of your first row and will also make the width of the blanket.

3. Slightly pull loops in the middle part of the braid with your fingers.

4. Create the first row stitches using the loops. Create stitches all the way to the end of the braid - this will be your first row of the blanket.

5. Keep the knit in the same position and start the second row. Create the stitches, using the first row stitches. Every first side stitch on both sides, the left and the right, stays unknitted - this will make nice and even sides for the blanket.

6. Continue knitting back and forth. Remember not to knit the every first stitch.

7. Measure the blanket length from time to time. Knit until you have knitted the needed length. We recommend knitting the last row to the right and then start finishing off the blanket. Knit and extra last stitch for a more firm corner.

8. Finish off the blanket by uniting together all two stitches into one. Hold one stitch in your right hand, pull the loose end through the neighboring stitch, which is to the left, and also through the stitch in your right hand. Repeat this until you're at the left side of the blanket and with one stitch in your hand. Cut the thread and pull the thread end through the last stitch.

9. Shake the blanket very well. The shaking will make stitches more even. You can also adjust the stitches with your hands if needed.

10. Hide the loose thread ends. Weave the loose ends through the stitches so the end of the thread stays on the other side of the blanket. Fix the thread end with a felting tool. Now your blanket is ready.

Bonus tip! Whenever you need to join together two ends, use the felting needles. This way the joined part will look smooth and unnoticable.

We hope you enjoyed this tutorial and that it'll help you create your own DIY chunky knit blanket. Share your experience in comments!

Have a wonderful time knitting!

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by Wool Art on November 25, 2022

Hello Kay,

The best tool for felting the wool ends together is the felting needles. Usually there are different thickness needles and we use the medium ones.

by Kay on November 25, 2022

I needed to add more wool to the throw DIY. What felting tool do you recomend when added more wool.


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