Why choose Wool Art products?

by Wool Art on January 07, 2019

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The cold weather is here and so many of us would love to spend the evenings snuggled in a warm and cozy chunky knit blanket. In this wide assortment of chunky knit products, it can be quite a challenge to choose the right one. From wool to acryl, and from lower price blankets to more pricier ones. Why choose Wool Art products and what are the exceptional qualities of our knits? We will try to answer these questions.

We use the highest quality merino wool

Wool Art chunky knits are made from the highest quality superfine merino wool. Merino is very lightweight to its thickness but super warm. Merino regulates body temperature really well and is just as good for summertime heat as it is for winter. Merino is also famous for its softness, strength, breathability and many more benefits. You can read more about merino wool qualities in our blog about “Why choose merino wool?”.

You have probably noticed that there are also some quite cheap options for chunky knits. These blankets are made from lower quality merino wool or acrylic material.

Low-quality merino wool is hard to touch and sheds more than higher quality material. It also often has dirt in it and is not safe for people with allergies, while merino wool is hypoallergenic fiber and perfect for people with sensitive skin.

Acrylic material is heavier, and it doesn't give warmth. It's also very easy to damage as it's a synthetic fiber and is not heat-resistant as it is with merino wool.
Acrylic also itself looks synthetic and doesn't have this special charm as merino wool does.

We use certified wool

Wool Art wool is organically certified - all products are knitted only from the highest quality 100% merino wool, which is completely clean and pure, it has high-quality production standards, it's free from harsh chemicals and it's anti-allergic. We believe in fair, ethical and eco-sustainable business which doesn’t do harm for both - people and nature. All sheep from which the wool is obtained, live in good conditions and are treated well. The wool we use has the following certificates.

Oeko-Tex certification

Oeko-Tex certification confirms the human-ecological safety of textile products. Products that have obtained this certification are absent of allergenic dyes, pesticides, chlorinated phenols, heavy metals, formaldehyde, chloro-organic carriers, and have a pH that’s not unkind to the skin.

No Mulesing

Mulesing is a practice commonly used in Australia which consists of removing a strip of live flesh from the perianal area of the sheep, without the use of any anesthesia or antibiotics. This procedure can be very dangerous as well as very painful for the animal and can lead to death. No mulesing means that sheep are happy and healthy.

We use soft merino wool 

Wool Art products are soft and gentle to the touch. The merino sheep that produce this gentle wool have been specially cared for and bred to produce wool with a thinner diameter. Fine wool is distinguished among merino wool for having a defined stylish crimp and bright color.

Our product shedding is reduced to a minimum

Shedding is a natural process of pure merino wool at the beginning. However, as we use high-quality wool material, then shedding stops after some time the blanket is used. For lower quality knits the shedding does not stop, because for lower price products, harder and thicker hair wool type is used, and it breaks a lot and shedding doesn’t stop.

Our products do not hurt the environment

Unlike synthetic fibers, merino fiber will naturally decompose when it is disposed of. It takes only nine months for merino wool products to biodegrade when buried in the soil. If you choose a cheaper alternative - acrylic blankets, know that it will leave a bad ecological footprint when it's thrown out.

Our products are handmade

Every Wool Art item is handmade in our own studio with the most precious care. We have a team of experienced knitters who make sure that every item is made.

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