How much yarn do you need for chunky blanket

by Wool Art on October 17, 2019

diy chunky knit wool yarn

If you're new to chunky knitting, then you probably have a lot of questions to ask before starting your very first DIY chunky knit project. We promise you that after some tips we'll give you, you'll be a pro of the chunky knitting.


How not to get lost in the wide offer of chunky knit wool?

First, you're probably confused by the wide chunky yarn offer in the market - you've seen cheap yarn and expensive yarn, natural yarn, and synthetic yarn, thick yarn and not that thick yarn. And, on top of that, there's also a wide range of colors and even mixtures of different colors.

To be short and simple, because we want to keep it easy for you, in your very first DIY chunky knit project you will want to focus on the quality of the material. It's an old truth that bad instruments can spoil even the most gifted artist's work. So instead of searching for lower price wool material, we encourage you to choose high-quality wool so your first chunky knit project is full of fun and you enjoy the whole process and result.

We have tried different wool materials and what we discovered is that pure merino wool is the best one. The colors on this material look rich and saturated and it also feels smooth and silky against the skin. You'll see how easily it flows through your arms.

arm knitting chunky blanket white

Read more about the importance of wool quality in our blog post Why choose Wool Art products?.

Visit our shop's Yarn section to purchase the merino chunky yarn we mentioned in this blog.

How much yarn do you need?

The amount of wool you need for your chunky knit blanket depends on how big you want your DIY chunky blanket to be and which wool you choose. Ok, we know that this wasn't the answer you wanted to get, so we have created a very simple formula for you that will help you to calculate the needed wool quantity. It's based on the wool type we use and which you can find here.

Before we explain the formula, it's additionally important to know that the needed wool quantity also depends on your knitting pattern and density. As each person has it's own handwriting, each knitter has it's own knitting manner.

For those who like knitting densely, we suggest choosing a slightly more quantity of wool than indicated in our formula. For those, who knit loose, it's very possible that after the blanket is finished, they will remain with some extra material on their hands.

So taking into account all the above the short and simple formula is as follows: 1 ft² - 0.5 lbs.

Explaining the formula, it means that for every 1 ft² of blanket you need 0.5 lbs of wool.

We know that calculating sometimes can be hard, so feel free to use this cheat sheet which will tell you how much yarn you need for each specific size of the blanket.

diy chunky knit blanket needed wool amount chart

Choosing the right size blanket

If you haven't already decided on the blanket size you want to have, then get some inspiration in this blog post on a topic Which size blanket to choose?

It'll guide you through a range of different size blankets, starting from smaller throw blankets to large blankets and even the biggest Queen size and King size blankets.

How to knit a DIY chunky knit blanket?

If this is your first DIY chunky knit project, then you're also probably curious about how to knit a chunky blanket.

We can tell you that it's easier than it may seem at first sight. If you noted our advice about choosing a high-quality material, then the rest should be very simple.

We have written a step by step guide on How to make a chunky knit blanket – DIY guide for beginners. By following this guide, you'll be able to knit your very first chunky blanket in a couple of hours.


To chunk it up

We hope that after reading this information you now have a clear chunky knit DIY project in mind and that you feel confident about it.

You'll see how great is the whole chunky knitting process and how happy you'll be about your first handmade chunky knit blanket.

We're also always happy to see what our customers have created, so please feel free to share your DIY project on Instagram with a hashtag #woolartdesign.

knitting chunky blanket pink blush
Image source: our happy client

Have a happy chunky knitting!


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by Wool Art on November 25, 2022

Hello Rhonda,
Usually for the larger size blankets around 20 stitches are needed. The specific quantity if stitches will depend on the knitting density and pattern of the blanket.

by Rhonda on November 25, 2022

How many stitches for bigger blanket’s

by Wool Art on December 17, 2020

Hello Valeria,
For our most popular sizes, here are some examples in cm and approximate kg needed.
Merino wool:
- 40 × 120 cm – 1 kg
- 100 × 150 cm – 2.5 kg
- 130 × 170 cm – 4 kg
Cotton tube yarn:
- 40 × 120 cm – 1.95 kg
- 100 × 150 cm – 4 kg
- 130 × 170 cm – 6 kg
The quantities are approximate and they depend on the knitting pattern and density.
For the home with kids, we suggest cotton tube yarn, as it’s possible to wash it in a regular washing machine.
Here’s the link to our cotton tube yarn collection:

by Valeria on December 17, 2020

Hi, can you translate the quantities for Europeans. We’re don’t use the same scales. And what kind of wool or yarn would you recommend if there are young children in the house and you need to wash the blanket regularly? Thanks, Valeria

by Wool Art on November 16, 2020

Hello Sheree Larsen,
We’ve just launched our new product line for chunky knit yarn, which is created from cotton and filled with polyamide. Here’s the link to this new product:

by Sheree Larsen on November 16, 2020

I am highly allergic to wool. What do you suggest I use to make the blanket? Thanks!😊

by Wool Art on November 04, 2020

Hello Dianna,
You can check out our new product line of tube yarns. Maybe this is something that would work:

by Dianna Martin on November 04, 2020

What do you recommend to someone who allergic to Wool & Polestar ?

by Jennifer on October 19, 2020

Thanks for the info! I was able to see your other colors, and they are beautiful!! I’m so excited to chunky- knit that I’m getting indecisive. I’m so happy that I have been able to find your articles & navigate you sites. This information is very helpful for a beginner like me, and I can’t wait to purchase some wool.

by Wool Art on October 16, 2020

Hello Jennifer,
We currently have 14 colors in our offer, and we introduce new colors from time to time. When we have some new colors, you’ll find them in the products section. You can also follow us on Instagram @woolartdesign, where we post our latest news.

by Marlie on October 16, 2020

Hello! I’m thinking about purchasing some wool, and was wondering if ya’ll have ever thought of doing any other colors ( or if you do custom). I think it would be so neat if y’all had a periwinkle, a cross between your light blue and a toned down lavender. Since y’all already have those dye colors, I think it would be a great addition to your shop. I love your colors! The lavender is just too vibrant for me. That’s why I’m hoping there might be another purple of some sort. I love how easy y’all are making navigating the chunky yarn world for beginners like me. Much Love-

by Wool Art on September 21, 2020

Dear Octavia,
You don’t actually need the needles. It’s easier to knit with arms only, and the pattern becomes more smooth in this way. We sell wool only, which you can purchase here:
In the product description you’ll also see the different quantities available, and tips on how much wool you need for various sizes of products.

by Octavia on September 17, 2020

How can I get that big chunky yarn and how much is it in rands. I am in S.A

by Octavia on September 17, 2020

Where can I get the long knitting needles to knit the blankets ic I don’t use my arms. I would like to purchase one set. In the wool centrex they don’t have large
Arm wool or roll of arm wool I only get 100g

by Wool Art on September 14, 2020

Dear Dodie,
We’re currently working on an alternative, and will launch the new collection soon.

by Dodie on September 11, 2020

Is there a yarn alternative? I am allergic to wool.

by Wool Art on August 26, 2020

Hello Barb,
This chunky yarn sheds in the beginning, and it should stop after some time. It’s a natural process of pure wool like it’s the same with alpaca, mohair, cashmere. The little fluffs can be easily removed with hands.

by Barb on August 21, 2020

Does this chunkyyarn she’d and pill if so how do you felt this much yarn?

by Wool Art on April 27, 2020

Dear Jean,
We plan to make a video soon. Thank you for the advice!

by Jean brown ithis on April 24, 2020

This is my try at making a blanket by hand, I wish you had a video on YouTube


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