How to stay cozy in winter

by Wool Art on November 16, 2020

If there's one season that is meant to be cozy, then it's the winter season. It's almost like we wait for this time of the year when it's officially allowed to spend more time inside with family, friends, or a good book or movie. In this article, we'll share some tips on how to enjoy coziness at its best.


Get some candles

As the days are getting shorter, then candles are an excellent option to have natural light and warmth for a bit longer. The candles will not only have a beautiful flame to look at, but they'll also give you a warm feeling. They will, in fact, give an actual warmth even from such a small flame. There are many options for candles these days, however, we prefer natural candles, which are free from chemicals. A good option is natural soy wax candles. They are usually white color and a slight, pleasant scent. The best option is the bees wax candles. They're yellow color, with a very lovely smell, much brighter and warmer flame than other candles, and they burn for a longer period. Bees wax candles are also the only candles that purify air and improve its quality. They're also hypoallergenic, so they're suitable for everyone and are completely worry-free.

natural candles

Switch to tea

Tea is a light drink, which you can drink at any time of the day, in contrary to highly caffeinated drinks. There's so many tea flavors and you can choose the best one for each moment of the day. Hot tea will instantly give you warmth and coziness.

Start your morning with a bit spicey ginger tea. You'll feel the warmth right away, and ginger is also an excellent drink before breakfast to prepare stomach for a meal and improve digestion. Alternative to ginger tea is a clove tea. This tea will have a bit more specific scent and taste. You'll either love it or never try it again, however, we encourage you to try it out and maybe it'll become your favorite tea.

If you like more traditional drinks, then black tea with milk will work perfectly with your breakfast.

During the day stick to healthy and tasty green tea or refreshing peppermint tea. They'll both give you an energy and a little boost if you start to feel a bit tired.

As for the evenings, it's time for super cozy and calming teas. Chamomile tea is a traditional tea to drink in the evenings. It's calming, relaxing and is widely used to treat insomnia. For sweeter dreams, add a teaspoon of natural honey in your cup, and we guarantee that you'll feel an instant coziness and warmth. If you like to experiment a little bit, then you can also try out lavender tea. It's also calming and very relaxing, and will give you a new flavor experience.

winter tea in pot

Wrap in a warm blanket

What's a better way to enjoy a tasty tea than being wrapped in a warm blanket. Chunky knit blanket is super warm and cozy. The blanket is arm knitted from natural merino wool, which is thick and soft. It's gentle to the touch, and even the smallest size blankets give a lot of warmth. Keep the blanket within a reach in your living room, and use it whenever it gets a bit chilly. Put the chunky blanket on your feet or wrap in it completely. Wrap in it alone, or with someone special.

The knitted blankets are available in many different sizes and colors. Smallest sizes are perfect as lap blankets or throws for sofa, and the largest sizes are great for using them in the bedroom. Keep a larger size blanket on your bed and pull it over you, if it gets colder during the night, and enjoy the cozy dreams in warmth.

chunky knit blanket beige

Read a book

Nowadays we spend so much time at the screens. The bright screens and fast changing content on the screens keep our brain always very active and in an alert-like thinking mode. To feel cozy, we need to feel calm and mindfulness. Enjoying the moment has now become almost an art. Try switching off all your notifications, put the phone away and take a book in your hands. We promise, that even touching the book cover and holding a book in your hands, will calm you. You'll feel the "here and now" feeling. You'll se how time starts to pass slower and how you can actually enjoy the moment and feel cozy. Make it as a routine for everyday. Read a book even for a half an hour or hour each day, and you'll see how this habit improves your mood and makes you feel cozy.

Cook something

What can be better than a smell of a tasty food, that has just been cooked? Yes, and it's needed to be something warm. Get inspired by your favorite cooking expert, which not necessarily has to be a famous one. Maybe your grandmother, mother or father has shared some secret recipe with you. The familiar smell and taste of the food will bring you back to lovely memories, and you'll feel warm feelings, and it's just what's needed to feel cozy.

If you like to experment, then you can also invent your own recipe. Maybe you always wanted to try some new combination of flavors or textures. This season is the right season to do it, as you have lots and lots of long evenings to experiment.

If you're a bit lazy for experiments, start with a nice and neat apple pie. There's nothing more perfect for the cold season, as a warm, soft pie, that smells of baked apples and cinnamon.

spices for cooking

Gather with your loved ones

You don't have to be alone to feel cozy. It's luckily the feeling that can be created together and shared with our closest people. Come together to cook something, play a board game or sing. You can also just sit together with a tasty cup of tea and talk. You'll see how these kind of gatherings make you feel more happy and fulfilled.

We hope that you find these tips useful for this winter season to be lovely. Try one or more of these tips, and see how you everyday gets a bit more mindfulness and cozy with each day. If you have some other ways how you make yourself feel cozy - please share your experience in comments, we'll be very happy about it.


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