Chunky knit Christmas gift guide

by Wool Art on October 17, 2020

chunky knit blanket scarf beige

Christmas is just around the corner, so we decided to put together a chunky wool gift guide to give you some inspiration.


Finding the perfect gift

Chunky wool products being soft, silky and warm, are perfect Christmas gifts. Keep your beloved ones comfy on those cold winter nights! All of our products are hand knitted from the highest quality certified merino wool which absorbs every color shade with a rich depth.

We will help you to choose the perfect chunky wool present for your beloved one!

Gift for a design enthusiast

Chunky knit blankets definitely create a decorative impact when showcased in bedroom or living room. The chunky knit makes the blanket a stylish statement piece that any design enthusiast will love. Smaller throw blankets are perfect for everyday use whenever it gets a bit chilly. Super chunky large blankets are for those who enjoy lots of coziness and snug. All of these sizes are great to decorate a couch or bed and make home interior gorgeous. A gift for wrapping up together with your loved ones and watching a movie on a chilly evening – what else could you wish for?

cozy chunky knit blanket pink blush

Bed runner will be a perfect gift for those who are always searching for small accents to add to their homes. Chunky knit bed runner will add luxury to any bedroom interior and make the bedroom much more beautiful. It’s surprising how such a little accent can bring a completely different look to a room. Bed runners are available in single and double sizes.

chunky knit blanket beige

Chunky knit rug is a perfect gift if you want to keep the feet of your beloved one warm. It will feel super comfy each morning when stepping out of the bed. You'll be surprised how much warmth can superfine extra merino wool give to you. You can use rug to give a special charm to your living space and it's perfect for sitting next to the fireplace. Available in several sizes.

chunky knit rug wool rug

Gift for babies and kids

Organic merino wool kids and baby blankets are created for our little ones. Kids just love to cuddle in these blankets. Wool Art baby stroller blanket is the best and safest choice to be sure that your baby is warm during those nice long walks in chilly and even super cold weather. Blanket is made of premium 100% organic merino wool to ensure that your baby sleeps in a blanket that is super soft, breathable, anti-allergic, and warm.

chunky blanket kids blanket pink

Our square blanket is a must-have home accessory for those who enjoy lounging on a floor. Thick and soft merino wool is so cozy that it feels like sitting on a cloud. And it’s not only for kids - everyone can just grab this blanket, find a spot and enjoy those little moments of coziness.

Gift for your parents

Our chunky knit blanket scarf is a must-have for chilly and cold weather. It's knitted from super soft and warm merino wool. Perfect for putting on shoulders and enjoy a nice long walk!

chunky knit blanket beige

Chunky cushions are the perfect decor for a bedroom, living room or even the outside patio. They are super soft and cozy and will add some color and style to the interior, making the space more welcoming and relaxing.

knitted throw pillows cushions

Gift for a fashion lover

Chunky knit scarves and headbands will be a perfect gift for those who want both - look stylish and keep warm.

The big chunky scarf is a perfect eye-catching accessory to stay warm in the cold season. Wrap around this super chunky scarf and be sure that you will stand out in a crowd. The perfect accessory to add to your favorite outfit! The scarf is knitted from premium quality merino wool which is super soft, so you'll feel just heavenly while wearing it.

knitted wool scarf oversized

The small headband is created for all those who want to stay warm and look classy in colder days. It's a super cute accessory that will make every outfit more stylish and special. The headband has a simple, classy design, but as they say - less is more!

wool headband boho


Create a handmade gift

There's no doubt that handmade Christmas gifts are the most special ones. Your beloved one will definitely appreciate the time and effort for creating a gift by yourself and you will have the chance to explore the creativity in you!

The wonderful thing about handmade gifts is that you can create it specifically for the person receiving the item. And when the special person opens their gift, they will instantly recognize all of the thoughts and efforts that went into making it.

If you choose to create a truly special gift for your beloved one, arm knitting a chunky blanket is the way to go! You can choose your beloved one’s favorite color chunky yarn and easily create a wonderful surprise! Check the product descriptions to understand how much yarn you'll need for the blanket or get in touch with us and we will help you to decide!

The perfect thing is that it’s so easy to make a chunky knit blanket. To help you out we have created a step by step DIY guide for beginners about how to make a chunky knit blanket. Follow or blog about how to make a chunky knit blanket and create your very own blanket.

We’re sure that you will be pleasantly surprised by how exciting and calming at the same time the knitting process is. The merino wool yarn is super soft and feels lovely against your skin. When knitting with chunky wool you can immediately see how your knitting projects grow and you will have it completed in no time. We hope you will enjoy the knitting process and fall in love with it!

diy chunky knit blanket

Gift for a DIY lover

If you are not a huge DIY fan yourself, maybe your friend is? A Christmas gift that will make your craftiest friends' spirits bright - a chunky yarn. DIY and knitting lovers will never have enough yarn!

Our 100% pure merino wool yarn is super soft, breathable and natural. A DIY lover will definitely appreciate our luxury quality yarn. Our merino wool is certified so you can be sure that you're gifting the best material. It’s perfect for arm knitting throw blankets, wraps, scarves, pet items, and other products.

Choose your beloved one’s favorite color chunky yarn and create a magical surprise!

chunky knit yarn super bulky

Gift for your pet

While you’re shopping for your loved ones, why not pick out a treat also for the smallest member of the family which gives you all the love.

Chunky knit pet rug will have your dog or cat happily snoozing away. At the same time, a chunky rug will be a stylish touch to your home. Your pets will appreciate a comfy place to nap and you will have a reason to get rid of the soggy old dog bed.

Chunky rugs are available in various colors and sizes. You can select your pet's favorite color or the one which matches your interior the most. Your little friend will love this present!

knitted pet rug white

Gift for yourself

Have you always wanted a chunky wool knit products for yourself? There is no better time to treat yourself than at Christmas!

chunky knit blanket queen pink


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