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Our Story

Our chunky knit products are made from the highest quality superfine merino wool. Each product is incredibly special due to superior quality and craftsmanship with which it's created. Every item is handmade with the most precious care.

Wool Art products are heavenly soft, silky and smooth. They're superb to the touch and remarkably warm. Superfine merino wool is also absolutely beautiful as it absorbs every color shade with a rich depth.

All Wool Art products are made from organic certified merino wool. They're the best option for kids, pets and allergic people.

We believe in fair, ethical and eco-sustainable business which doesn’t harm both - people and nature. By choosing Wool Art products, you become a part of the community which cares about nature preservation and sustainability.

Let's experience the softest and warmest touch of nature together!

No mulesing sertificate GOTS sertificate  Oeko-Tex certificate