Mother’s Day Gift Guide - 10 Thoughtful Gifts

by Wool Art on April 01, 2020

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Mother’s day is approaching and we decided to put together a selection of gifts that will delight every kind of mother. Mother's Day is such a special day and we believe you should put as much thoughtfulness and care into picking gifts as possible and surprise the most important ladies in your life.

1. Throw blanket

waffle throw blankets

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Imagine restful mornings spent in a cozy bed. This waffle throw blanket from Back2linen will give a fresh accent to a bedroom or living room. Handmade from natural European waffle weave linen, they look great in any interior. A very elegant yet affordable gift that your mom will love.

2. Tableware in Nordic minimalistic design

black cups

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Simplicity and clean lines describe this tableware collection from Vaidava ceramics. Their products are handmade using traditional methods and materials. This collection is made from red clay and left unglazed on the outside creating a stunning minimalistic look. Every mom will value a set of high-quality tableware.

3. Mother's day bracelet

mother daughter jewlery

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This sweet and meaningful bracelet is the perfect gift for mom to remind her of your connection whenever she wears it. The silver heart bracelet is created by Ellie Ellie and is an affordable and thoughtful gift that your mom will be proud to wear.

4. Chunky knit blanket

chunky knit blanket queen pink blush

Surprise your mom with the softest and warmest gift - chunky knit blanket. This beautiful merino wool throw blanket is super cozy and looks great in every home. Wool Art blankets are knitted only from the best quality organic and certified merino wool. Wrapping in this warm and soft blanket is nothing but a dream!

5. Natural cosmetics

natural cosmetic

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Have you seen the movies and videos about the truth of cosmetics and the bad impact they can leave on our health and bodies? If not, do the research and inform your mom as well. On a mother's day, give her some products of natural cosmetics and help her to start using more healthy and skin-friendly products. For example, MÁDARA offers a wide range of natural cosmetics.

6. Linen bathrobe

organic linen robe pink

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Give your mum a reason to have slow and beautiful mornings by giving her a beautiful full-length linen robe. This elegant and comfortable robe is made from 100% stonewashed linen and is free from harmful chemicals and is suitable for the most sensitive skin. Your mom will definitely love and enjoy this luxurious gift.

7. A good book

classic books

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Books are always great gifts - it’s a classic you can never go wrong with. From cookbooks to historical fiction novels, you will always find something special for your mom. Your mom or grandma will enjoy curling up and relaxing with a sweet and thoughtful book you chose for her!

8. SPA at home gift basket

spa gift basket

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Your mom definitely deserves some relaxation and quiet, so why not give her a basket full of SPA essentials? Life can be busy and stressful, so she'll be happy to create a spa day at home. It's a gift moms might not usually give themselves but would certainly appreciate.

9. The perfect coffee cup

sustainable coffee cup

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We all know that moms love coffee, therefore you can never go wrong with a beautiful coffee cup. Try to look for unique and high-quality cups like reusable cups from Pottery For The Planet. They not only have a great design but also are friendly to our planet. Add a good coffee to the gift and your mom will be very happy.

10. A plant

green plant for home

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Looking for a gift on a budget? Surprise your mom with a plant. If your mom loves plants, she'll just be happy for another beautiful one in her house. Try to find out which plants or flowers are her favorites, add a bar of chocolate and a sweet card and your mom will be happy.

No matter what you give your mom for Mother's Day, the greatest gift is showing your love to her. So make your gift personalized - write a card by telling her why she's so special to you and explain why you chose the specific gift for her. This way she'll feel loved even more!

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$ 208.18 USD$ 297.40 USD

Medium throw blanket 40”x60” (100x150 cm)

$ 208.18 USD$ 297.40 USD


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