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Cotton baby nest, small

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Cotton baby nest, large

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Knitted kid's blanket will be very appreciated by the little ones. It's soft, it's warm, it's super fluffy and cozy. Kids just love to wrap in the chunky knit blanket and feel snug.

Kid's knitted blanket will look beautiful on your kid's bed. In the colder nights, you can put the chunky blanket over your fall asleep kid and be sure that your little one is comfortable. It's because merino wool is warm and thermoregulating, which means that your kid will be just warm enough, but not too hot.

Larger size kid's blankets can be used on the floor next to the bed as soft rugs. Stepping out of the bed each morning on a gentle merino wool rug will make your little one happy.

The smallest size kid's blankets are perfect for use in a baby crib or stroller during walks in the cold seasons of the year.
All kid's wool blankets are knitted from organic certified merino wool. They are suitable for kids and babies with sensitive skin. Our blankets are purely clean and much, much softer than regular merino wool blankets because we use extra-fine merino wool, which contains very thin and gentle finest sheep hair.

You can be sure that your little one will appreciate this beautiful gift from you.