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Chunky knit yarn in beautiful grey color. High quality merino wool absorbs the grey color with a rich depth. It looks and feels super smooth and silky.

Start knitting your very first DIY scarf or blanket and we can assure you that you'll enjoy every big stich you make. Knitting process is very calming and it's a real pleasure to work with this super soft and premium quality merino wool.

Our premium quality chunky merino wool is organic certified so you can be sure that you're having the best material with which to start your arm knitting project.

DIY chunky knit scarf or blanket is also a really original gift to the dearest ones or any other special person you want to surprise. Chunky knit DIY gifts are always appreciated!

Here's some examples on how much yarn you'll need:

  • oversized scarf 16"x67" - 1 lbs (15x170 cm - 0.5 kg)
  • blanket 16"x47" - 2.2 lbs (40x120 cm - 1 kg)
  • blanket 35"x50" - 4.5 lbs (90x130 cm - 2.5 kg)
  • blanket 40"x60" - 6.5 lbs (100x150 cm - 3 kg)
  • chunky rug d=40" - 4.4 lbs (d=100 cm - 2kg)

Check out our blog post about how to knit with chunky yarn and find out some useful tips!

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