7 Creative Newborn Photography Ideas

by Wool Art on July 20, 2020

knitted baby nest white

The time when you have a newborn baby is magical, but also very short. Therefore, you want to catch those wonderful moments with beautiful photography. While some of us hire a baby photographer, some of us are excited to capture these precious moments themselves, therefore we'd love to share 7 creative ideas on how to take beautiful images of your own baby. In addition to that, you'll get some tips to keep in mind when trying your hand at newborn photography.

Dress your baby in a cute outfit

cute baby

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Yes, yes, all of baby outfits are cute, so this is an easy one for you. Just try experimenting more with the newborn clothing and accessories, for example, dress him or her in trendy baby overalls or wear a hat or an adorable headpiece. Put the baby in a crib or on a blanket and take photos from above.

Tip: Keep the baby happy. Before the photoshoot, make sure the baby is warm and with a full belly. While taking photos, you can try playing soothing sounds in the background.

Put baby in a baby nest

chunky knit baby nest sof merino wool blush pink

Want cozy images with your baby? Use a soft chunky knit baby nest and get some amazing photos. You can also match the baby's outfit with the baby nest or add a beautiful toy.

Tip: Lighting is everything. Make sure the baby nest is placed in a spot with good natural lighting.

Document the tiny details

cute baby feet

You don't want to miss capturing the sweet tiny details that make each baby different. The tiny toes and fingers, the chubby little chin, the blush pink lips - all the little details that you'll not want to forget about your baby. Those details will change so fast as your baby grows and this is a great way to keep those memories.

Tip: Take creative close up photos from different angles and perspectives using a macro lens (if you have one).

Get outside

baby outdoors photoshoot

If it's spring or summer, find a flower meadow or just a beautiful corner in the garden. Bring some cozy baby blankets, throw pillows or a baby nest and get creative. If it's the cold season, find a beautiful wall and take photos with the baby stroller and some closeup photos with the baby's face. Nature provides us with new opportunities and creative freedom to photoshoot the baby.

Tip: Make the baby's safety number one priority. If shooting outside, it's best to ask someone to come along with you.

Include other children

siblings photoshoot baby kid

If you have other children, ask them to join in your photoshoot. It will make the photos more dynamic and exciting. Simply ask them to lie down next to the baby or hold brother/sister if they're capable of doing that. Children are natural, so you don't have to worry about them posing. Everything they'll do is going to be just perfect. Plus, you'll have the sweetest photos in the world with all your kids together.

Tip: Print the photos and put them on the wall.

Get in the photo

mother baby photoshoot

Whether it be your husband, children or your friend - give them your camera and get in the photo. Pick someone you feel comfortable around and pick a natural pose while holding the baby. How adorable is a happy and loving mom with her newborn?

Tip: Before the photoshoot search for natural poses with a newborn on Pinterest and have an idea of how you want the photos to look. But make sure to be flexible if a pose is not working for you.

Capture the real moments

father baby photoshoot

The very best photos are usually the ones that are not planned. Make sure to keep your camera or phone around and when you find your baby in a cute pose, snuggling with daddy or playing with siblings - capture it. These will be the photos that are real and give the most rewarding feeling.

Tip: Make an album of everyday life with the new baby.

Newborn photoshoot might be challenging, but be patient and take it slow - the photos will come out just adorable. Your photos will become very special memories of the time, which will fly away so fast. And remember, the photos don't have to be perfect - just try to enjoy time with the baby and capture the precious moments just as they are.

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