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Give your little friend the warmest and softest gift. Fluffy merino wool will mildly cuddle your pet each time your pet rests on his chunky knit pet mat. Pets love merino wool and you'll love watching them with their noses tucked in the soft wool while sleeping in a deep and sweet sleep.

We have seen many pets reacting to the chunky knit pet mat and each of them loves it. Either it's a pet bed, rug, blanket or pet cushion - they appreciate them all.

Did you know that pets can also be allergic to wool? It's because mostly for pet items cheaper wool is used, which still contains the sheepskin protein in it. On the contrary - we use only the finest, purest and highest quality merino wool for all our pet products. In fact, we use the same quality merino wool for all pet items as we use for the baby blankets.

All our extra fine merino wool is organically certified, which means that it's people, nature, and animals friendly and doesn't contain harmful chemicals. It's purely clean and suitable for sensitive and most gentle pets.