How to hygge in Summer

by Wool Art on July 15, 2022

chunky knit blanket blush

For most of us, the word Hygge is associated with fall and winter seasons as we make pictures in our mind getting cozy under a warm blanket with a cup of hot drink and a good book while it’s freezing outside.

But have you thought about how we could Hygge in summer? You can still add lots of coziness and enjoy the simple things in warm days. Hygge is all about making each moment special and feeling cozy whether alone or with friends and it shouldn’t be left just for the cold weather. Let’s get introduced to ways on how to add Hygge to your summer.

Go berry picking

red berries

Berry picking is an extremely lovely way to spend some time in nature. Get lost in the woods picking wild berries or find a berry farm that offers visitors to pick their own berries. Usually, these farms ask very little money for this. Or maybe you have a grandmother who has a little garden and you could make a surprise by visiting her. I’m sure you’ll agree that grandmother's berries are usually the sweetest.

There are many ways to use picked summer sweets. If you’ve picked too much to eat them fresh and you don’t want them to rotten, bake a seasonal berry cake from one of the many recipes online, freeze the berries to make delicious smoothies after or make your favorite jam out of them. Berry picking is a beautiful way to enjoy the little summer pleasures.

Go on a picnic

summer picnic with fruits and blue chunky blanket

Never miss a chance to go on a picnic in the summertime. It’s a wonderful way to spend quality time with your family and friends outdoors. To make it more Hygge style, really think about the location. Find a place away from the crowds and with a beautiful view, whether it’s in your garden, near the lake or at the beach. Make It as cozy as possible - bring your chunky knit blanket, throw pillows and everything that seems to be soft and fluffy. Bring enough so everyone is comfy and enjoys long conversations. Make these summer Hygge moments extra special with instant photo films. Also, don’t forget about some healthy snacks and summer lemonade.

Go camping

camping sunset in mountains

Whether it’s with a tent or in a cabin, camping can be a truly amazing experience. Hygge is all about these special moments for yourself and there is no better way to do it than spending time in nature. Slow down with your friends or do a solo camping with comforting food, beautiful hikes, and with wonderful music from nature. You don’t always have to look far to go camping, find the one that seems the most suitable for you and do it. Declutter your mind from thoughts and enjoy the beauty of mother nature.

Coffee outside

white metal coffee mug

There’s nothing better than simple life pleasures like coffee. While in winter you would crawl under multiple layers and light a fire with a cup of coffee in your hands - in the summertime, it’s all about going outdoors. Take your favorite mug, get some coffee, and go in nature. Go to your closest park if you’re in the city, go in the garden if you have one, or take the coffee with you while going on a hike. If it’s extra hot outside nothing beats an iced coffee or cold brew at a coffee shop. This can become one of your favorite mini routines.

Visit a local farmers market

local farmers market vegetables

Food and drinks are an integral part of Hygge lifestyle. It’s about selecting the best ingredients and sharing them with others. There is no better way to find those ingredients than to go to a farmer's market. Farmer's markets are great for the wide access to fresh, locally grown food and their fruits and vegetables at the peak of the growing season. It’s also a good way to support local farmers and keep the money to nearby businesses.

These were a few ideas on how to cozy up the summer season. I hope this inspired you to bring the Hygge concept to your summer and take the time to enjoy the small comforts in a cozy and relaxing way. Remember that Hygge is not about the things, but the moments.

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Chenille Yarn Blanket

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$ 21.98 USD$ 29.30 USD

Chenille Yarn Blanket

$ 21.98 USD$ 29.30 USD

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$ 21.98 USD$ 29.30 USD

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