Boho Decorating Ideas for the Home

by Wool Art on July 22, 2020

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What is boho style? Boho style comes all the way back from the 1800s and is being associated with artists, writers, travelers, and hippies. This style represents the unconventional lifestyle, where individuality and freedom are highly valued. How does this look in the interior? Think of colorful furniture, combining objects, wall decors, and different patterns.

Are you ready for ideas and tips on how to bring a bohemian vibe into your home?

Get wall decors

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When it comes to boho style, wall decors are essential. Bring some texture to your walls with cozy decors such as woven wall hangings, macrame hangings, or boho styled prints. It’s best if the wall decor is made out of natural material like merino wool or brings a touch of nature into space.

You don’t have to limit yourself by just hanging wall art. Any natural accessories like hats, woven plates, feathers, and even plant hangers will give a nice variety for your walls. When it comes to things like boho wall art - make sure to add plenty.

Add a jungle vibe

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Continuing with “more is more” mindset - you can never have enough plants in bohemian style home. Add a jungle vibe at your own home with your favorite plants. Whether they’re potted or hanging, they will definitely brighten and freshen up the room. You can even make a DIY indoor plant wall. A great tip about having many plants at home is that you get to have different textures and materials with your planters. It’s a great way to make the room even more attractive and homey.

Visit a thrift store

Decorating on a budget? Then visiting a thrift store is a must. It’s a great place where people donate things that are in great condition and where you can find many boho style decors for your home. Some of the best and unique items to look for when going thrift shopping are woven baskets, lamps, dishware, linens, frames, vintage art, and wood decor. Be ready to spend a great deal of time in the store, but it’s definitely worth it if you’re looking for something special like unique vintage items. Mixing vintage accessories and furniture into your home is one of the most boho things you can do.

Cozy Rugs

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Cozy rugs are trendy when it comes to boho styled home. The combination of different textiles and colors will bring an artistic and appealing look to your room. Choose rugs that are made from natural material like chunky knit rug or jute, sisal or seagrass rugs. They are super easy to care for and are eco-friendly. The natural tones and earthy texture makes them versatile and suitable for any room whether it’s a bedroom, living room, kitchen, or bathroom.

Different light sources

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Don’t just stick to one overhead lighting source. In a bohemian style home, you want to have multiple different types of lighting such as table lamps, floor lamps, candles, and string lights. You want to create your boho room with an ambient light that is welcoming and calm, especially in the cozy areas like the couch and bed. With just the lighting you’re able to make significant changes in your room and bring a more laid back and relaxed vibe.

Bright and colorful furniture

When decorating in a boho style it’s best to avoid dark and heavy furniture. Boho is about bringing happiness and bright colors to your room. Make it more fun by choosing bright and colorful furniture like a blush pink vintage sofa or turquoise chair. Boho is not perfect, so don’t be afraid of mixing and matching bold furniture as long as everything looks like you want it.

Boho style is really about bringing together everything that you love in your house - full of culture, art, and different items that you’re just passionate about. It’s all about a relaxed and laid back vibe, where you can truly feel like home being surrounded by nature and all the things that make you happy. In a bohemian style, there are no two rooms that look completely alike, so have fun decorating!

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