7 ways to cozy up your home

by Wool Art on March 04, 2020

There's nothing better than coming home to a cozy and inviting home. Sometimes all we want is to relax, have a cup of tea and enjoy time in our favorite cozy spot. I think you'll agree that it just makes us feel good and safe.

Do you have a feeling that something's just not quite 'right' with the atmosphere at your home? Or maybe you just moved into a new place and don't know where to start? Here I will share 7 ways to create a welcoming space and hopefully, you can try some of these things at your home too.

1. Create warm lighting

beige natural floor lamp

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Each house has different lighting - look around your house and see how many light sources you have? Are the lights warm or cool? The reason why it's important is that lighting affects our mood. To create a relaxing and comfortable space, cool and flashy lights should be avoided. Instead use warmer bulbs, desk or floor lamps, candles, and string lights. You'll see how this simple thing can make a huge difference.

2. Get some plants & flowers

plants for home

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Bring life to your home with goods from nature. Go outside and see if you have access to any flower meadows or if not, go to your local flower shop and bring home some fresh flowers for no special reason. Put them in a nice vase and place them somewhere you think they look best. You'll see how suddenly the room feels different, happier.

You can have this feeling every day by getting some indoor plants. Place at least one in each room to have a positive feeling spread all around the house.

Also, did you know that plants are good for the air? They clean the air from toxins making your environment healthier. Check out 10 best indoor plants for your home.

3. Invest in cozy blankets and pillows

chunky knit blanket beige

There's no single home that doesn't benefit from having cozy blankets and pillows, especially when it's chilly outside. Placing a throw at the end of the bed, on a couch or chair will add comfort and relaxing vibe to your home. Add some fluffy throw pillows for extra coziness.

Imagine coming home from a long day, snuggling up in your cozy corner and wrapping around a warm and soft blanket. If you want to invest in long-lasting and high-quality products - merino wool chunky knit blankets are some of the best.

4. Keep your feet warm

knitted wool rug

Think about if you ever get chilly feet at home. This could be one of the reasons why you don't feel so cozy. If you love walking barefoot, but only have wooden or tile flooring, you should consider investing in a rug. Nowadays rugs are super trendy and not only keep your feet warm but also enhances the room with personality, style, and warmth. Check out these super soft chunky knit rugs.

5. Change your bedding

natural linen bedding

Your bedroom is a place where you want to feel the comfiest. A great tip to create a cozy bedroom is to change your bedding. And what could be better than a fresh linen bedding? It will add a natural and airy vibe to your room so that you want to stay in bed all day. Plus, linen bedding is good for a sound sleep as it is highly absorbent, hypo-allergenic, anti-bacterial and temperature regulating.

6. Add natural scents

natural scented candles

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While strong and artificial scents for some people can cause unpleasant emotions, you should definitely consider natural scents. Do you love the smell of a spring day, fresh-cut grass or a flower field? It creates positive feelings and makes us feel good, right? This is why natural scents can be a great mood booster and create a more pleasant atmosphere at home.

A few ways to add a natural scent to your home is with scented candles, essential oil diffuser or with simple DIY remedies.

7. Style your walls

wall posters

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Wondering why your house looks a bit empty and impersonal? Try complementing your walls with some hangings. Get creative and think about what is something you love. Do you love quotes? Find your favorite quote and put it in a frame. Enjoy hats? Hang them on the wall and give your room a beachy feeling. Or maybe you love painting? Clip your work on a clipboard in your bedroom. Check out these 45 wall decor ideas and hang on! Styling your walls is one of the best ways to boost your home's style and give it a more personal and cozy feeling.


These are some simple yet creative ways on how to cozy up your home. Try at least one of these yourself and you'll be positively surprised with the result. Your home will be the coziest, safest, most beautiful and inviting place in all the world.

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