Eco-friendly Home Tips

by Wool Art on August 10, 2020

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You have tried ditching plastic bags, bottles and coffee cups and now looking for a next step on how to create a more eco-friendly home? Perfect. We’ve got some ideas on what to buy, change or do to make your house more greener. Remember that it’s not about doing all of the ideas right now. It’s ok to slowly introduce them in your life step by step.

Go zero-waste

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Many of the items found at your home can be replaced with an alternative which is reusable and more eco-friendly. Just like you stopped using plastic water bottles, you can stop using other products. For example, you can change your disposable razor to a stainless steel razor, your plastic toothbrush to a bamboo one, plastic food wraps to wax wraps, bottled shampoo and soap bottles to shampoo and soap bars, plastic straws to stainless steel ones, plastic bags with reusable grocery bags. Can you see now how much more there is to improve? While it takes time to switch to alternatives, it will actually save you some money over time, because a lot of these products will last longer - meaning you will have to buy less.

Use rugs

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How using rugs is related to having an eco-friendly home? It’s actually very simple and you wished you have known that sooner. It is to be more energy efficient and keep more heat in the house. This one is more for winter, but can also be a useful thing during those chilly summer nights. A good choice of a rug is a chunky knit rug made from 100% merino wool, which is extra warm. You can be sure that everybody will want to hang out on it. Place it in the bedroom, living room, bathroom or even kitchen to make the room warmer and more beautiful.

Make your own cleaning products

natural lemon home cleaner

It’s a hard no for conventional dry cleaners to be used in a eco-friendly home. Have you tried making your own cleaning products with natural ingredients? The most basic thing you can start with is using vinegar and water for cleaning. For harder cleaning - baking soda is a great option. If you want to have a little more scent in the cleaner - you can make your own by adding some citruses or essential oils. DIY cleaners are not only natural, but are much more safer to use.

Second-hand furniture

vintage furniture

The furniture industry is extremely wasteful. By buying second hand furniture you can lower your carbon footprint and reduce waste. It’s a way to reduce demand for new resources. Second-hand doesn’t necessarily mean old. You can actually find high quality and fresh furniture for very good prices. Sometimes you can even find unique pieces that has a great story.

Buy from sustainable brands

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Most likely, not everything for your home will come from second hand stores. When you do get new products such as bathroom towels, bed linens, kitchenware, bathroom products etc., make sure to check the brand you’re buying from. Check the material it is made from - the more natural the fabric, the better. Make sure the product description is clear and specific, check for certifications, check for transparency, etc. Also, it’s always more eco-friendly to support small businesses than large companies.

Keep your air clean

plant for air quality

You can’t truly call your home an eco-friendly, if the air in the house is smelly or toxic. You should definitely think about having at least a couple of house plants in each room. The plants improve the air quality by absorbing toxins and producing oxygen. They are known for boosting the mood, reducing noise and being therapeutic. If you google it, I’m sure you’ll find many more benefits of why you should have them.

These are some of the tips that will bring you closer to creating an eco-friendly home. But don’t forget to celebrate each step you take. Like this one - you’re already making a step closer by educating yourself and thinking of ways to improve your life and the planet.

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